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How we got started on our breastmilk bag journey

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The breastmilk bag journey has been a unique one for us.

We had personally been through the parenthood journey since Ruth entered our lives with breastfeeding, breastmilk pumping, and breastmilk storage, very much a key milestone for us. There were moments of jubilation, and moments of despair, and a particularly excruciating moment is when precious breastmilk leaks.

That's when we decided to integrate the best features across different breastmilk bags into our own. Here are the top 3 features we've purposefully included in the design.

BPA-Free Polyethylene

This is a pretty obvious consideration given the fact that the entirety of the breastmilk will come in contact with the breastmilk bag material. We'd decided the polyethylene material as it is a strong material that doesn't puncture easily and is able to take on temperatures up to boiling point. Note that most bottle warmers that are used to warm breastmilk tops off at around 70 degrees celsius.

The plastic is naturally BPA-Free as well, giving an added peace of mind.

Did we mention that our breastmilk bags are recyclable as well? You just need to give it a quick rinse after usage and place it in one of the ubiquitous bloo bins (yes, it's spelled that way).

Double Ziplock Seals

When one ziplock is not enough, just add another one.

We've used single ziplock designed breastmilk bags and the takeaway from that is that mistakes still happens, especially in the middle of the night. It's always good to have a little added insurance.

That's where the double seal design comes in that would ensure your precious breastmilk is stored safe and sound. 

We've torture-tested our bags by overfilling the bags beyond the maximum fill line, squeeze it, dropped it from height, froze it, and dropped kicked it, and did not experience failure. 


During the manufacturing process, all our breastmilk bags goes through a UV sterilisation process before being packaged and shipped. 

Needless to say, the advantages is that when you break the seals on our breastmilk bags, you can be absolutely sure that your breastmilk is stored in the best possible storage medium with an absence of germs and bacteria.

The duration of the UV sterilisation process is also adequately long to prevent any breakdown in the PE material yet achieves its purpose. 

There are other awesome features that we've included in our bags too, so when you're using them, make sure to look out for them! 

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